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    Semen Indonesia Educates Batik Gedog to Margorejo Students

    CSR, komunitas, News / 4 January 2019

    PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk synergizes with Village-Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) Margorejo, Kerek District, Tuban Regency, East Java, holding Gedog’s batik education training to local students. The realization of the Semen Gresik Community Empowerment Program (P2M-SG) in 2018 targeted students at SDN Margorejo, who were accompanied by a Sturdy Community Forum (FMK) and a consultant for the Ronggolawe Women’s (KPR) Coalition program in Tuban.

    “It’s very nice to be able to take part in this training because I can draw flower-patterned batik and switch it on,” said grade 4a student SDN Margorejo, Rafid, to suarabanyuurip.com, at the local BUMDes office on Friday (12/12/2018).

    The principal of SDN Margorejo, Joko Suseno, felt grateful to be met with P2M-SG so that his children could take part in this very positive activity. Programs like this must continue to be carried out in order to preserve the ancestral heritage.

    “From the beginning, the children of Margorejo must be introduced to Gedog batik,” he continued.

    The Chairman of BUMDes Margorejo, Sonif Efendi, thanked the village head for giving trust to the BUMDes management. The existence of this education, hopefully batik can be inserted into the extracurricular at the school level. For students who have not participated in this training, they can be extracurricular in the future.

    “Thanks also to P2M-SG and FMK for realizing the proposal from the BUMDes,” he added.

    His party also thanked PT. Semen Indonesia Tuban factory which has been able to carry out its obligations to provide empowerment CSR funds. It is expected that state-owned cement operating in Sumberarum Village, Kerek Subdistrict is always solid and unmatched.

    “Hopefully with this training batik heritage will be maintained,” he added.

    The village head of Margorejo, Junaedi, added that this activity was very positive because it introduced batik to village children to love local products. The Pemdes hopes that this activity will become a center for batik education training for children from their own villages and other villages.

    The same was conveyed, the representative of Semen Indonesia, Suhadak. Batik in Margorejo, especially Gedog, has become a village icon and even Tuban. This strategy is very interesting by working with SDN in the local village.

    “This education is not only in Margorejo but also includes Kerek District,” he explained.

    Each school is also encouraged to hold extracurricular activities on batik, and can be contested at the sub-district level. In this training it doesn’t just stop here because this is our shared responsibility.

    Semen Indonesia still strives to maintain the synergy that has been running with these villages to continue and benefit the community. “We will seek a conducive atmosphere and empowerment delivered in a transparent and participatory manner from the community,” he concluded. (* / suarabanyuurip.com/bwo)

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